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BAWA 2012 Show Awards

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Alan Olson - Educational Tall Ship, Sausalito - (Featured Speaker)

Bernie Lubell - artist and sculptor in wood (Featured Speaker)

Big Creek Lumber Company - Member visit

Dave Biggart of Mohawk - Wood finishing products (Featured Speaker)

Bill Henzei - Making Home Furniture - (Featured Speaker)

Bill Henzei - Gallery

Bob Nisbett (Featured Speaker)

Bob Nisbett - Workshop visit

Bob Young - Gallery

Books (recommended sources)

Brian Newell (Featured Speaker)


Calender (historic)

Monthly MeetingsCalender of meetings

Chinese and Japanese Joinery (Featured Speaker)

Chris Weiss - Master Builder and co-founder of MRCW Design/Build - (Featured Speaker)

Chris Weiss - Japanese Woodworking Tools - (Featured Speaker)


Claude Godcharles (Featured Speaker)

Committee chairpersons

Contacts (BAWA officers)


Ken Horner (Featured Speaker)

Ken Napior - Reproducing Antiques - (Featured Speaker)

Kevin Fryer - Harpsichord Builder (Featured Speaker)

Jared Rusten - J. Rusten Furniture Studio - (Featured Speaker)

John Lavine - Chinese and Japanese Joinery (Featured Speaker)

The Leigh Dovetail Jig (Featured Speaker)

Linda Salter - Gallery

Lou Kern - Furniture maker(Featured Speaker)

Lou Kern - Workshop visit

Loy Martin, the studio furniture maker - workshop visit

Laura Mays, Fine Woodworking Program, College of the Redwoods(Featured Speaker)

Lumber (recommended sources)

Mailing address

Manny Hermandez - Gallery

Marketing your Arts and Crafts (Featured Speaker)

Masterworks wooden bicycles: Mauro Hernandez and Bill Holloway(Featured Speakers)

Meeting schedule


Mike Bray (Featured Speaker)

Mike Bray - Gallery

Mike Cooper (Featured Speaker)

Ming dynasty stool (Featured Speaker)

Mitered mortise & Tenon joint (Tech Talk on Youtube)



David Heim - Gallery

Don Goodman - Gallery

Don Naples (Featured Speaker)

Dowel construction (Featured Speaker)

Email address


Facebook Plywood Challenge - Special Show and Tell

Featured speakers

Finishes: Brush and wipe-on (Featured Speaker)

Frank Ramsay - Gallery

Frank Taylor (Featured Speaker)

French Polishing (Tech Talk)


Neal White & Harold Patterson - Hide Glue - (Featured Speaker)

Newsletter index

Paul Schurch - Veneering and Marquetry

Per Madsen - Gallery


{Making} Queen Ann, Windsor and other chairs (Featured Speaker)

Roger Heitzman - Designer/Artisian - (Featured Speaker)

Riving a tree into boards to make a cabinet (Featured Speaker)

Ron Ashby - Shellac.net (Featured Speaker)

Ron Gerard - Gallery

Router Jigs and Techniques (Featured Speaker)

{Everything About} Routers in 90 Seconds (Featured Speaker)

Router: Tips and Tricks (Featured Speaker)

Russel Baldon, Chair, Furniture Program, California College of the Arts (CCA)(Featured Speaker)

Schurch Paul (Special evening presentation)

Scott Macfarlane - Gallery

Scott Wynn (Featured Speaker)

Scott Wynn - Furniture Design and Development (Featured Speaker)

Scott Wynn - Handsaws - (Featured Speaker)

Sharpening (recommended services)

Shop space avaialble

Stan Booker - Gallery

Steam Bending (Featured Speaker)


Galleries (Members)

{Setting Up Your} Garage Woodworking Shop(Featured Speaker)

Garden Gate (Building a) (Tech Talk)

George Bosworth - Gallery

Glenn Krueg - Gallery

Grace Quan. The building of a Chinese shrimp fishing boat(Featured Speaker)

Hand Plane Seminar(Featured Speaker)

Hand Plane Workshop

Harold Patterson(Featured Speaker)

Hide Glue - Hide Glue, pros and cons and how-to

Mauro Hernandez and Bill Holloway > Masterworks wooden bicycles (Featured Speakers)

Masterworks wooden bicycles: Mauro Hernandez and Bill Holloway(Featured Speakers)

Jamie Buxton - Gallery

Jennifer Alger - Far West Forest Products - (Featured Speaker)

Jerry Robinson - Gallery

Jim Ritchie - Gunderson Highschool teacher & woodworking instructor - (Featured Speaker)

John Blackmore (Featured Speaker - Dovetail jig)

John Blackmore (Featured Speaker - Dinning Room Chairs)

John Economaki (Featured Speaker)

John Lavine - September 2011 -(Featured Speaker)

John Lavine - April 2015- Wood Worker, Editor, Teacher, Show Judge - (Featured Speaker)

John Moldovan - Master chair maker(Featured Speaker)

John Muir (Featured Speaker)

John P. McCormack (Featured Speaker)

John P. McCormack (Featured Speaker - Talk on the Wooden Boat School, in Brooklin, ME. )

John R. Shelly, PhD. Extension Specialist, University of California Forest Products Laboratory (Featured Speaker)

Juan Vergara, Infill Planemaker(Featured Speaker)

Joshua Salesin (Featured Speaker)

Loy Davis Martin(Featured Speaker)


Ted Fay - MArch 2011- Brush and Wipe-on finishes- (Featured Speaker)

Ted Fay - August 2014- Wood Finishing - (Featured Speaker)

Ted Fay - August 2012 - Finishing Fine Furniture(Featured Speaker)

Toby Klayman (Featured Speaker)

Tom Romer - Gallery

Tools (recommended suppliers)

Torsion Box Construction (Tech Talk)

Tree surgeons and Sawyers (recommended)

Vacuum Kiln Drying for Woodworkers (Featured Speaker)

Vacuum Press Veneering (Tech Talk)

Wood Plane (But at Auction) (Tech Talk)

Wooden Knobs and Pulls (Tech Talk)

Woodworking courses/schools

Yeung Chan (Featured Speaker)

Yeung Chan - Classic Chinese Chair Design Interpretation(Featured Speaker)

Yeung Chan - Ming dynasty style table reproductions - (Featured Speaker)

Yeung Chan - Gallery

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