August 2003


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President's Corner

In Memorium

We were all shocked to hear that Frank Hungler, a long time BAWA member passed away very suddenly. Frank was very active over the years in BAWA. He organized our volunteer efforts for the annual Woodworking Show for a number of years. He also made many other contributions to the running of our organization. Frank will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank's wife and family.

The results are in

An amazing 46% of our members responded to the BAWA MEMBERSHIP SURVEY. This is unusual for a survey, but shows how much our members care about BAWA. Many, many people wrote complimentary things about our Board and Committee Chairs (after all, they are doing a great job!) And some also offered very helpful and specific comments on what we can improve.

The Board has met and discussed the results of the survey, and we'll be instituting some exciting changes in the coming months to make our club better. Over the next couple columns I'll be discussing the results and what changes we?ll be making. This month I want to talk about the first part of the Survey.

When do we start?

First, the overwhelming majority of respondents want us to start our meetings at 6:30. This question got the highest number of yes votes -- 29 people said yes. So as you can see this month we've changed the starting time. I realize some of you who have to drive a long distance may miss the Tech Talk portion, which we will be starting promptly at 6:30, but this is what the overwhelming majority of our members want. So we'll try it for a while and see how it works.

Where do we start?

You've said that you want a permanent meeting place. In this question we asked if anyone had an idea of where we could meet. Several good suggestions were listed, but as yet, no specific contact person, etc. So, I'm seeking a volunteer to organize and lead a committee to search for a new home. We've tried this search in the past with mixed results. A place where we can keep our stuff -- at a price we can afford -- has always eluded us. This time, with your help, we're determined to find a place. If you're interested in leading such a search committee, call me at 209/928-5900.

How do we start?

21 people said that if needed they would volunteer to help do woodworking projects in trade for our space. That's roughly one fourth of our membership! This is a very generous offer and the search committee will keep this is mind.

How big shall we go?

Now that more people are attending the meetings, we've clearly outgrown our meeting rooms at the Library. On the question of room size, many understood how the small rooms there impede both the orderly and efficient flow of the meeting, and the ability for "the mix" to take place during the break. Also putting so many people in such a small space causes technical problems for our speakers. Of course sometimes we'll still be "on the road" visiting other places, but until we find a new permanent home, the Board has agreed that we will not be going back to the Foster City Library unless no other place is available. Instead we'll go for the larger room at the Senior Center across the street.

Stay tuned next month for more information about the Survey results, and thanks again for participating.

Craig Mineweaser