March 2003


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Box Contest in April!

What great fun. Some of you remember from years past that we have over a dozen categories such as: BIGGEST (remember-there is no crane or forklift available), SMALLEST, FUNNIEST, MOST ORIGINAL, MOST UNUSUAL, MOST INTRICATE DESIGN, MOST MODERN, MOST CLASSIC, BEST TURNING, BEST EXECUTION, OPEN CATEGORY, OTHER AND BEST OF SHOW. The judging is by the members present and ribbons are awarded and the Best of Show gets a seat on the next trip to Mars (and that's not in Ohio.)

What is a box? Well, as Past President Linda Salter once explained "Hey, a house is a box." Any closed container of wood that is has a lid is a box. Bring your house.


Have you checked out our library yet? See Mike Cooper at the meetings. There are some great books, articles and videos. We have two copies of Yeung Chan's new book but I suspect there is probably a 6-month waiting list for it. You can see our library contents on our web site from a link on the home page.

Name Tags and Membership Cards

If you didn't get yours then see Harold Patterson at the membership table at the meeting. We are working on getting discounts at wood loving places when you flash your card.

Mark Rand