January 2003


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Arnie's Ideas

What Can BAWA Do For You?

1. Friendship with people who enjoy the same hobby.

2. An opportunity to hear other woodworkers' problems, experiences, ideas.

3. An opportunity to participate with other woodworkers to make toys for children in our community.

4. An opportunity to work with other BAWA members to assist those less fortunate by repairing their housing.

5. A forum to understanding your work and problems related to it.

6. A constant environment of learning about wood and how to work it.

7. Inspiration to help us each make our own music.

8. An opportunity to share with the public lots of inspiring furniture and cabinetry.

9. An opportunity to buy inexpensive tools and materials.

10. An opportunity to sell tools we no longer need or use.

11. A place where your woodworking questions can be answered by competent individuals.

12. An opportunity to hear special speakers and woodworking on related subjects.

13. An opportunity to take special fine woodworking classes.

14. An opportunity to find fellow friends who share your passion.

Arnie Champagne