January 2003


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          ....TO TRADE?
          ....NEED SOMETHING?
          This is where to place your ad.
          Contact me by the first Friday of the month.
          Mark Rand 665 27th St San Francisco CA 94131
          okmor@sbcglobal.net 415/647-9244

Note to prospective buyers:

Please take note the date of the ad. Do not call the seller if you're reading an ad that is months out of date. Instead, look for more recent newsletters to see if the item is still offered.

For Sale (Jan 2003)

Redwood Burl For Sale. 3 slabs each approximately 18" x 36" x 2.5 ". Aged 25 years and sanded to 120. $150. ea or $400. for all three. Call Nancy Baer 510-525-9699 or gardningbaer@mindspring.com

For Sale (Jan 2003)

Performax Drum Sander, 22-44 Pro. 3 year old machine with light usage. Have extras with the machine: infeed-outfeed tables, casters, extra sandpaper. I have bought a 15" widebelt sander and no longer have room for the old one. Price $1,000. You can reach me at gregricecompany@earthlink.net or at (415) 750-1981.

Classes (Jan 2003)

Arnie Champagne has set up a whole slew of classes as follows. Call him at 415/282-1704 or see www.champagnesfurniture.com for specific information.

  • Furniture: end table January 15-16
  • Wooden planes January 25-26
  • Double bevel marquetry for contemporary furniture. February 1-2
  • Furniture: wall cabinet February 25-26
  • Dovetails March 1-2
  • Chairmaking March 22-23
  • Double bevel marquetry for contemporary furniture. April 5-6