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Well here we are rapidly approaching the end of another year and they sure seem to come and go fast. I am sure that we all have many resolves for the coming year. Mine is to put in a decent dust collection system. I have been to some of our member's shops and see what great systems they have and that has given me the boost I needed. In addition, I have read a lot about the hazards of breathing wood dust. So if you don't have a system put one in or upgrade what you got. I'm sure our Answer people will be of help. In addition, hearing protection is important. I see employees in places such as Home Depot running their saws with absolutely no hearing protection. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way and this is why I wear those "doohickies" in my ears to hear better. So if you don't use anything then get yourself some ear muffs or those throw away ear plugs that most hardware stores carry.

Lastly, we do need a Secretary. I do take notes at the meetings but because of my hearing loss, I don't catch everything that is said. So please someone help me and volunteer. Call or email Tony Fanning at 650/323-1183 or Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Mark Rand