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Last Meeting

VP Mark started our meeting with Announcements since our President Craig at that point was somewhere between Dublin and Foster City.

*Tony Fanning of our Search Team announced the new slate of officers for the coming year: President-Craig Mineweaser, Vice President-Peter Wronsky, Treasurer-Mark Rand, Program Director-Jay Perrine with help from Stan Booker and Fred Reicher, Membership-Harold Patterson, Toy Workshops-Harold Patterson, Webmaster-Jamie Buxton, Newsletter-Mark Rand, Library-Mike Cooper and Jeremy Ashley, Rebuilding Together-Bill Henzel, Shows-Robbie & Tony Fanning, Stu Hoffer and Hospitality Coordinator-Robbie Fanning, Raffle & Door Prizes-Stan Booker. Tony reports that we do need a Secretary. This is an important job to take notes at the meeting. The quality of the newsletter will suffer without one. He is trying to get someone and also asked for volunteers.

*Harold Patterson reported that it is time to renew our membership for the coming year. You can pay at the meeting or mail a check made out to BAWA to Harold at 728 Gull Ave., Foster City 94404.

Wearing his Toy Workshop hat, Harold reported that Ron Gerard has donated movements and small parts for making toys and that a toy making workshop was held November 15 at Peter Wronsky's shop. Eighteen articulated crickets were made by Jay, Gene, and Tony along with Harold and Peter.

*Stan Booker announced the passing of Don Wagg, BAWA member who had given much of his time and expertise to the club over the years. We will circulate and send a card to the family.

*Yeung Chan announced, on Arnie's behalf, a workbench making workshop for Dec. 2.

*Craig arrived and announced that Yeung's famous tool box appears in Fine Woodworking's issue of Tools and Shops.

*Sign Up Sheets were passed around for The Mentor Program, Answer, Program, and Open Shop. Mike Cooper, Richard Winslow and Jeremy Ashley all have volunteered to be an Answer Person.

*Rafflemeister Stan Booker announced the raffle prize, a nice piece of Bubinga to be awarded tonight. It was subsequently won by Linda Salter. It was reported that she was determined to win and unsubstantiated reports say she bought $200 worth of tickets.

*Door prizes, a box of small veneers and a tool box were won by some lucky recipients whose names were not recorded.

*Craig then asked guests to stand and tell us their names and a little of their woodworking background. Many came as a result of our booth at the recent woodworking show. These folks are as follows: Leslie Frana, Jim Vice, Bill & Jeanine Ryan, Carl _____, Steve Gonzales, Duncan McCormick, Lee Shulman, Andy Gross, Dimitri_______, John_______, Tim Smith, Burt Rosensweig, and Tim Leibel. As you can read, we didn't catch everybody's name.

*Jay Perrine announced that next month, we will have Michael Cooper not our Librarian but another Michael Cooper who is an exceptional craftsman-designer. He is famous for complex free-form laminations and hyper-reel sculptures. This meeting is not to be missed.

*Stan Booker is soliciting wood scraps for his school shop, Ochoa Middle School in Hayward. He prefers soft woods like #2 pine and redwood.

*Mark Rand announced that the newsletter and resource list are available in hard copy upon request and he brings them to the meetings.

*Silent Auction was set up with many veneer pieces which were donated to us. Peter had the square footage marked on each nicely packaged roll.

After the break where everyone feasted on donuts and other goodies brought by our Hospitality Coordinator Stan, The MAIN EVENT started which was a show and explanation of jigs and fixtures brought by our ingenious members.

*David Heim showed a router table that he attaches firmly to the dogs on his work bench.

*Neil White showed clamps he had made to hold cabriole legs he is working on. He followed plans in Woodwork Magazine Dec. 2001.

*Scott Bloomquist showed a circle cutter, push stick and a more accurate box joint jig.

*George Bosworth showed his fixture for clamping small boxes with rubber bands.

*Doug Ryan showed his adjustable miter sled for the table saw.

*John Blakemore showed a set of jigs and photos of how trusses were made for the sagging roof of his house.

*Peter Wronsky showed a simple fixture for using worn sanding belts and a set of measuring spacers for table saw or router table set ups.

*Jamie Buxton showed slides of the folding out feed table he made for his bandsaw and the way he tuned up his compound slide miter saw to cut more accurately.

*Yeung Chan showed a spoke shave and hand plane he had made.

*Fred Reicher showed a hand plane he had made in Arnie's class.

*Doug Ryan showed a rabbet plane he made from Baltic Birch.

*Carol Scurria showed a sanding fixture she made with Bondo to sand the contour of ogee molding. She kept the Bondo from sticking to the molding with a layer of cellophane.

At the end of the presentations, the Silent Auction results were announced as follows: The Fiddle Back Maple went to Jim Vice, the Curly Cherry to Neal White, the Wenge to Scott Bloomquist, and the Curly Maple to Neal White and Lloyd Cedro. $67.50 was earned for the club.

The meeting ended at 9:30 with numerous volunteers to help Linda carry her Bubinga to her vehicle.