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Two thirds of all people eventually experience some significant loss of mental lucidity and independence as a result of aging. 60 years and older experience significant cognitive decline, including declines in memory, concentration, clarity of thought, focus and judgment.

Physically what happens to our brain as years go by....

Probable reasons for the change...

Surprisingly there is a certain percentage of people who function very normally even when they age. So the causes of loss of memory, concentration, focus and the inability to function independently as man ages may not be only due to the aging itself as previously thought. But may be due to a combination of other factors like Brain-unhealthy behavior and habits, insufficient mental stimulation, limited thought or response control strategies, brain unhealthy or inadequate supplements, lack of novel experience, lack of sufficient social interactions and cooperation etc.

Ways to delay effects of aging...

To stay mentally sharp, you need to work your mental muscles each and every day. Get involved in something that keeps your brain busy such as taking up a new class, exercise, martial arts, mind games, do woodworking etc. Any activity that involves concentration will help exercise the mind and keep it strong.

Mental stimulation

After 40, taking up a new language or any new course or art classes, whether joining a formal class or learning on your own is beneficial. As long as you learn something new, the nerve cells in your brain will grow and the connection between them will continue to strengthen.

It was found that woodworking helps the brain since the problem solving, planning, visual and spatial functioning, rotating an object in your mind to figure out how parts will fit together strengthen the part of the brain that controls spatial relations, the ability to recognize how things piece together. So, KEEP ON WOODWORKING and don't forget to pay your dues when the time comes.

Dr. Rand