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July 16, 2009

Socialize 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM Meeting starts
Announcements, Officer reports,
Door prizes/Raffle item description, Guest self introductions
Members description of their favorite tool
"Ask the Membership about a problem" session.
Show and Tell always welcome.

Name tags - Members are now responsible to make their own. Otherwise, a paper "HEY YOU" will be available.

Our July meeting at Foster City Rec Center will involve a presentation by Ken Forden of Whitethorn Construction. Whitethorn Construction involves land sales, construction, hardwoods (including flooring) and a hardware store, coffee shop, etc. Whitethorn is located 5 hours north of Foster City just off Highway 101 from Garberville in the "Lost Coast Region" of California. This is off the well beaten path and many of the homes in this area are not on the grid. Ken's 3 daughters attended the one-room schoolhouse but all ended up attended UC. Ken has been employed at Whitethorn for 30 years and has been involved in the hardwood side of the business....well this gets into his presentation. When Jay stopped in a year ago to ask about the hardwood flooring he was shocked to learn they do NOT have business cards - not how we do things said the man in the hardware store! Suffice it to say that Ken has been able to spend his career producing hardwoods, making things from California native hardwoods, even to building the local post office, and his products of hardwood and flooring are really for our Niche Market (woodworkers and turners who want kiln-dried hardwoods in various sizes and shapes not always sold in local lumber yards). Ken has an interesting story and the key product we manipulate with our hand and sophisticated tools. Come hear what he has done, is planning on doing and what he markets. The website to see much of the products is: www.whitethornconstruction.com/hardwoods but come ready to hear from a man who enjoys what he does, gets his hands dirty and does not have to commute to get to work and his boss even uses the table saw. A unique meeting in store for us this month, come enjoy.

Meeting Location

Bluebird Room, William Walker Recreation Center
650 Shell Blvd., Foster City

HWY 101 - Take the East Hillsdale exit. Drive a mile plus toward the bay. Turn right at Shell Blvd. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

- From the San Mateo Bridge take the Foster City exit and head southeast. Turn right on East Hillsdale and left on Shell. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

- Take the Foster City exit turn right on Hillsdale, turn left on Shell. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

Once on Shell, go past the first signal. Look for the Recreation Center, a low building on your right. You will see a small parking lot adjacent to the building and a large parking lot just past the building.