June 2008


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President's Corner

At May's meeting, one of the underlying themes was that wood moves. It must be said that BAWA also moves.

We too are moving to bring more mutual learning and therefore benefits to all members.

There is so much we can learn from each other that it makes woodworking a never-ending learning experience.

At our May meeting we learnt about some of the practical aspects of table saw jigs as several of our members showed and discussed the jigs they had made and used after attending the Yeung Chan class we organized last November. Later this month we have arranged a series of classes on using Google SketchUp which allows us to make accurate 2D/3D plans for our woodworking projects. This is a pioneering move. Google has already accumulated a lot of expertise on using SketchUp for architectural design and other areas but only recently when our tutor, Tim Killen, came along, did they start to get people using it for woodworking projects.

For the June meeting we are visiting MacBeath Lumber in Berkley to learn from the experts about the many different woods we use for our projects.

We are trying to arrange a class of tool making later this year.

Our meetings cover a wide range of topics relevant to today's woodworker. We have changed the format of the meetings a little to have a 30-minute "Social time" at the beginning of the meeting and added an "ask the membership" section to allow any attendees to discuss any woodwork related problem at the meeting and get constructive help from the collective wisdom of the other members.

We are changing and moving forward with the times --- the future is forever interesting.

I look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Frank Ramsay