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President's Corner

Fellow Members:

Woodworking is an ever evolving activity covering a wide spectrum of activities developed over the span of many centuries.

At last months meeting we had a presentation by Tim Killen. He scans pictures from old manuals of 18th century furniture into the 3D modeling software Google SketchUp then uses the computer to make details drawings of all the components used in the furniture's construction; prints the plans out on a normal office type printer and uses them to make his reproduction furniture using mostly hand tools.

There are not many activities that combine the skills of the 19th century with that advances of the 21st century. Woodwork is an ever changing and evolving activity.

BAWA is also evolving and changing to match the interests of our members.

A few weekends ago Jay Perrine hosted out first ever Sawdust Session at the Sawdust Shop in San Jose. The idea of these meetings is to periodically provide a hands-on session in a workshop where we can make, try out, or simply observe some of practical aspects of our craft. I went to the session and came away with an idea how to improve the fixturing on my table saw sled. Learning from watching the way others do things is an important function of our club.

We have also decided to keep our monthly meeting start time to 6.30pm but to not start the formal part of the meeting until 7.00pm. This gives those who have to fight the rush hour traffic more time to get to the meetings and gives those who get there earlier more time to talk to fellow members, sharing of information is anther important function of our club. {If we can find a volunteer to look after the refreshment function we may even have coffee/tea available for the early arrivers}

If you have further suggestions on how to evolve the activities of our club I would love to hear from you.

Frank Ramsay


Contact: Frankramsay8@aol.com or 415 495-7002