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A few meetings ago, we were touring the Segale Brothers shop. Several members stopped to admire a nice looking wood called Lyptus. No one knew much about it except we were told that it was usually colored because the color was not uniform on the boards. I wrote about Lyptus sometime back. Here is a re-print.

Lyptus has a nice warm reddish-brown color with visible grain running through it. It is a premium plantation-grown hardwood from Brazil. A natural hybrid of Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla, it features many desirable characteristics, including exceptional workability, machining properties, density, finish tolerance and overall strength. It is well suited for furniture, flooring and architectural millwork. It is grown on very productive plantations, where stands of indigenous trees are interspersed to preserve natural habitat. Wood can be harvested in 14-16 years --- much faster than other premium hardwoods grown in colder climates. This ensures a reliable supply throughout the foreseeable future. I have used it and like it very much. I bought mine at Woodcraft.

Mark Rand