July 2007


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BAWA Apparel. Hey! Be the first one in your block to be decked out in the latest BAWA finery. Wear the finery to the meetings, to the wood shows or just show your envious woodworker friends. Jay Perrine is the source of BAWA baseball caps ($10), and BAWA work shirts ($35 or so). You can contact him at jperrine@calwater.com or 408/378-1585.

NEW ITEM! BAWA 25th Anniversary T-Shirts. See Stan Booker.

Woodcraft. Dublin & San Carlos give the club a rebate on all purchases. Give receipts to Mark Rand.

Open Shop. Volunteer to open your shop to members. Contact Per Madsen 415/928-4509 or permads@comcast.net

This Month's Meeting

19 July (3rd Thursday) 6:30 pm

SPECIAL MEETING - We are applying for a tax exemption from the IRS called a 501(c)(3). Getting this exemption will help us find meeting space which has been closed to us. In addition, it will help us get better insurance rates. The IRS wants us to add a section to the By Laws. The board had voted to approve the addition. Now according to the By Laws, we need to have a vote of the membership. We need at least 20% of the membership to attend to vote on this. So, please come for this portion of the meeting.

Our presenter will be Ken Horner. Ken is a retired Organic Chemist and Computer Consultant. He has written three books: Woodworker's Essential Facts, More Woodworker's Essential Facts, and Essential Guide to the Steel Square. These books are a collection of traditional woodworking knowledge. They are chock full of charts, tables and rules of thumb to figure it out with and without math. In nosing around the internet, it appears that his books have been very well received. The first book was the choice of The Woodworkers Collection in 2003 and the best seller in their 14 year history. The second book was the main selection in 2006 and sold very well. The third book is not out yet but is already being advertised on Amazon and other sites.

He plans to talk about his experience on "How to get Published" with suggestions to budding writers. Shelf strength (both fixed and unfixed shelves) and how to strengthen them. Incremental proportioning using a chest of drawers as an example and using a steel square as a calculator.

He has tested the material in his books on his buddies in the South Bay Woodworkers.

It should be a very interesting evening. Maybe I can even now wear shoes because I would not need my toes for math calculations.

Meeting Location

Bluebird Room,
William Walker Recreation Center
650 Shell Blvd., Foster City


HWY 101
-Take the East Hillsdale exit. Drive a mile plus toward the bay. Turn right at Shell Blvd. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

-From the San Mateo Bridge take the Foster City exit and head southeast. Turn right on East Hillsdale and left on Shell. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

-Take the Foster City exit turn right on Hillsdale, turn left on Shell. See FOR ALL DIRECTIONS below.

Once on Shell, go past the first signal. Look for the Recreation Center, a low building on your right. You will see a small parking lot adjacent to the building and a large parking lot just past the building.