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President's Corner

This year the Bay Area Wood working organization is 25 years old. As we reflect on our history, we realize that many people have contributed in countless ways in fulfilling our mission of education and the promotion of woodworking in the Bay Area. Last year we conducted a survey to find out what our members felt we were doing well and what we could do to improve our organization. You told us that you wanted more presentations by our members and more talks on tools and woodworking techniques. Last year we started a new series which we called Tool Talks. The talks range from 10-15 minutes and are on any aspect of a specific tool. For example, a Tool Talk might include discussion on choosing a 14 inch band saw, or on choosing blades for a band saw. A tool talk could also include input from the audience. For example, a Tool Talk presenter could act as a moderator and ask the audience for their opinion on a particular tool. Please help us to make this a regular part of our meeting by signing up with Frank Ramsey (frankramsay8@aol.com), our new tool talk organizer, or Per Madsen (permads@comcast.net) our Program Director.

Our Tech Talks continue to be very successful since they were started in the 1990's by Don Naples. Our website contains the text of some of the more popular Tech Talks. Tech Talks are presentations on a particular aspect of woodworking. They differ from our Tool Talks which focus only on tools. For example a Tech talk might include a discussion on the basic use of a band saw or a technique such as circle cutting or dovetails performed on a band saw. We need your help to make these talks more successful.

Our main presentations continue to be a focal point of our BAWA meetings. We have had many outstanding presentations over the years, some by our own members and others by well known woodworkers. The subject of woodworking and furniture is immense and this has been reflected by the topics of our presenters over the years. The topics have varied from making and repairing harpsichords to building a wooden boat. I know that we have members with many different interests in woodworking. We need input from you as to what topics or speakers you would like us to invite. Please email our program director Per Madsen (permads@comcast.net) with your ideas!

Please make this year our best so far by given us your input on any aspect of our organization that you feel could be improved. You can send your comments to me (wjhenzel1@aol.com) or any of our officers and become involved by being a presenter or by joining one of our many committees.

Bill Henzel