November 2006


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This & That

As Bill told us at our last meeting one of the strong suggestions that came from the recent members survey was we should have more tool-talks.

These will be short segments where we can discuss the merits, demerits, experiences, problems, unique capabilities and things we would all like to know about various tools or tool categories.

In most instances we would like these tool-talks to be member driven rather than trying to get a representative from a tool company to talk as company representative would probably want a long time to present their pitch to us. We will of course ask Woodcraft and Sawdust shop if they would like to talk about new tool concepts etc as they become available from time to time.

My idea of a suitable format would be if 2/4 members were prepared to lead the discussion on a particular topic. For example like the excellent discussion of planes and plane irons we had a few months ago.

So we need your help.

I would like emails from you telling me which kinds tools you would most like to hear about during our tool-talk sessions AND which tools you would be able to talk about.

Possible topics include:

    1. Table saws - and their accuracy, useful accessories, jigs and fixtures that make life easier etc.

    2. Dust extraction:- practical experiences, how much oomph is enough, collecting dust from those more difficult circumstances like pillar drills, lathes, reciprocating sanders etc.

    3. Hand saws: - practical tips on how to sharpen them - or is it better to take them to an expert?

    4. Routing tables:- Build your own or purchase one? – accuracy of set-up – easy of changing bits etc.

    5. Dovetail Jigs:- experience with the various types of jigs available, are the more expensive jigs worth the money? -- are handcut dovetails just as fast and efficient? etc.

    6. Carving:- Basic knife making

    etc, etc, etc

I look forward to your emails: Frank R. Ramsay FD2AGAIN@AOL.COM Cell: 408-823-2382