November 2006


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President's Corner

The holiday season is almost here and we are all becoming inundated with tool catalogs. I enjoy looking at the new tool section to find out what the latest innovation might be. Sometimes new tools appear to fill a void and can greatly speed our work. The development of the inexpensive random orbital sander using Velcro backed sanding paper is such an example. A scraper will still provide a higher quality finished surface, but this level of smoothness is not required for every piece of wood. When detail sanders were introduced on the market I wondered if I would find only occasional use for this unique tool. However like so many innovative tools, once I purchased the tool I found new ways to use it saving countless hours of sanding. The tool manufacturers have reinvented almost every power tool over the last decade. These reinvented tools have many new features including electronic speed control, digital readouts and improved ergonomic design. Prices continue to decrease for electronic measuring devices. This year more tool manufacturers have added digital readouts to both small portable power and stationary tools. This technology has been used in expensive industrial stationary tools for years. I would imagine in a couple of years that every power tool will have an electronic readout that will provide both measurement and speed information. Good craftsmanship does not depend on tools with digital readouts. These tool do improve the accuracy and speed that we machine wood. This in theory should allow all of us to achieve a higher standard of workmanship.

Bill Henzel