July 2006


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          ....TO TRADE?
          ....NEED SOMETHING?
          This is where to place your ad.
          Contact me by the first of the month.
          Mark Rand 665 27th St San Francisco CA 94131
          okmor@sbcglobal.net 415/647-9244

Note to prospective buyers:

Please take note the date of the ad. Do not call the seller if you're reading an ad that is months out of date. Instead, look for more recent newsletters to see if the item is still offered.

For Sale (7/2006)

Columbian Quick Acting Vise, New $100 and a Wilton Bench Vise, Used but in excellent condition $55. Contact Stan Booker at 510 522-7879 or sbooker07@alamedanet.net

Free Wood (7/2006)

Scott Macfarlane has some old growth Doug Fir left over from a job and he really doesn't want to throw it away. There is enough material to make a small table and then some. Here is what he has: 5- 3x3x32"; 2- 1.5"x7"x9;: 8- 1x2x6'; 1- 1x3x7'; 1- 1x8x5'; 4- 1x3x3'; 4- 1x2x20"; 1- 1.5x8"x3'; 3- 1x3x24". There is also a short 6x6x24" piece that has some fire damage. All of this material came out of the Oakland piers and are around 100 years old. Who ever needs it will have to pick it up.

Contact Scott first at scott@milpond.com or 650 248-3789. His address is 90 Glenn Way #16. San Carlos just off of Industrial Blvd.

For Sale (7/2006)

Four Cabinet Makers benches, various sizes and prices.

Hitachi 8" Chopsaw.

Performax 1632 Thickness Sander.

2 Mortise Machines.

Various Hand Powered Tools.

Commercial veneers, all sizes and lengths.

Contact Arnie Champagne for details at arnoldchampagne@mindspring.com or at 415/282-1704.

Classes by Arnie Champagne (7/2006)

9/16-9/17 Krenov Style Wooden Plane Making Class. Focus on tool sharpening & using the tool you just made. Call Arnie for tool list. Class size: 5 to 6 students.

10/7-8 Double Bevel Marquetry. For contemporary furniture with emphasis on the art of working with hand cut veneers to create pictures on jewelry boxes and like items. Focus on inlaying, parquetry, book matching etc. Demonstrating joining & pressing techniques.

11/11-12 Hand Cut Dovetails. Focus on through and blind dovetails in a box or properly constructed drawer.

For details, contact Arnie Champagne at arnoldchampagne@mindspring.com or 415/282-1704.