January 2006


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By the time you read this you will be probably laying among the Christmas wrapping paper and the party hats and confetti debris groaning from all that rich food over the holidays. You probably will also be thinking about all those fabulous woodworking projects you will make in this new year. BAWA and the Program Committee is working hard to have interesting events planned for our meetings to give you more ideas and inspiration to do those projects. So, in order to participate you do have to renew your membership so don't delay and do it now. And you didn't think BAWA would have commercials!

For me it has been a fun year doing the newsletter and counting up on my fingers and toes all the income and expenses while reining in our now Past President in his wild spending habits. I look forward to another great year not only for me but for all of you in the club. Thank you for all the support I have received from all the officers and committee chairs and from you, the members.

A happy and a productive year to all.

Tony Fanning and Fred Reicher need another person to help with Rebuilding Together and Outreach Projects. Please contact Bill Henzel to volunteer at 408/254-1175 or wjhenzel1@aol.com

Mark Rand