May 2005


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Open Shop at Per Madsen's

People in attendance were: Gene Clark, Erling Belland, , Jerry Robinson, Mark Ferraro, Harald Nielsen, Bob Le, Bruce Bell and Teresa Maloney.

Per has a great shop. He is the Einstein of organization! There is absolutely no clutter or dust in his shop. He knows where everything is and how much of any particular thing is in stock. He gave a short talk on cutting lists and showed those present how he keeps track of inventory, parts and finished product, with a spread sheet. He then walked us through the process of building one of his products. From when the raw material comes in the door to when he boxes it up for shipping to the customer. After the walk through in which we "built" one of his modular components he gave a demonstration on building a small puzzle box out of 1/4 inch Finnish Birch plywood. At the end we all got to go home with a box that we got to assemble after he cut the parts on his table saw.

I don't know about the rest of the people in attendance but I personally went away with a truck load of ideas that I will be adapting to my wood working style and needs. Just a few of them are:

1. Organization - as I said in the beginning. Per is an absolute artist at organization. I personally plan to adapt his spread sheet idea of keeping track of stuff into my own work.

2. Jigs - He has some of the most ingenious jigs for cutting multiple parts that I have ever seen. And he has made all of them himself. It makes me envious. I guess I should have gone to engineering school or been a machinist before I took up wood working.

Over all I think everybody had a good time and learned a lot. You would have to have been deaf and blind not to. Don't forget that Jerry Robinson will be hosting the next open shop on Sunday, June 12th, 9 AM-12 Noon at 28 Roselyn Terrace, San Francisco . So, thank you to Per Madsen for opening up for us and being such a gracious host.

Bruce S. Bell, Chairman, Open Shop Committee


Botanical Name-Guibourtia Demeusei

Other Names-African Rosewood, Essingang, Buvenga

Mechanical Properties

Low steam bending characteristics and exudation of gum pockets can be troublesome.

Working Properties

Works easily with hand or power tools. Reduced cutting angle recommended for interlocked grain. Moderate to severe blunting of cutters. Pre-drilling required for nailing. Gluing can be difficult due to gum pockets. Stains easily and can be brought to an excellent finish.


Moderately durable. Susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle. Heartwood is resistent to preservative treatment. Sapwood is permeable.


Dries easily with little degradation, although it will exude gum. Stable in use.


Primarily used as a veneer for cabinetwork, furniture, and paneling. Also used for knife handles, and fancy goods.

Rotary cut veneer is known as "Kevasingo" and has wild, swirling, veined figure.


Botanical Name-Cordia Alliodora

Other Names-Salmwood, princewood, cyp, solera, canaletta, louro.

Mechanical Properties

Possesses medium strength properties in all categories and a good steam bending classification.

Working Properties

Works easily with both hand and power tools, with a slight blunting effect on cutters. Can be finished smoothly and cleanly in most machining operations. Takes nails and screws well, glues, stains and polishes to a good finish.


Moderately durable, resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is permeable.


Dries easily without degredation. There is medium movement in service.


Cabinets and furniture, decorative boxes, boat decking, vehicle bodies, light construction. Selected logs sliced for veneers suitable for panelling and furniture.

Primarily used in a decorative role as costs prohibit use for construction of large pieces.

Mark Rand