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          This is where to place your ad.
          Contact me by the first of the month.
          Mark Rand 665 27th St San Francisco CA 94131

Note to prospective buyers:

Please take note the date of the ad. Do not call the seller if you're reading an ad that is months out of date. Instead, look for more recent newsletters to see if the item is still offered.

For Sale (5/2005)

The late Peter Wronsky's Toyota Flat Bed Truck w/83,000 miles. $4,000 and negotiable. Contact Anna Wronsky at 415/933-8799 or

Woodworker Needed (5/2005)

We are looking for a person who could create a full global map out of wood (each country a different type or color) pieced together. It would be the center part of a missions display at a church. The church is located in Sunnyvale. Contact Kimberly Ingalls at 408/735-0746 or

The Sawdust Shop (5/2005)

I am opening a woodworking center in Sunnyvale called The Sawdust Shop. The center will consist of a membership-based woodshop, a woodworking retail store, and classes in woodworking. The woodshop is a 4000 sq-ft fully-equipped shop which members can utilize for their woodworking projects. Memberships can be annual, monthly or by the hour. The store will carry a complete line of woodworking tools and supplies. Opening is scheduled for April/May. I am looking for part-time help in setting up the shop and getting the store ready for opening day. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who might be interested please contact me at or 408/927-9933. Craig Colvin

Classes (5/2005) with Arnie Champagne

5/10-11 and 5/14-15 Tools and Techniques. Finish the saw horses and begin a dovetail box as well as do drawings for a stool and coffee table. NOTE: All classes use full scale drawings. Lots of homework.

5/28-29 Table. Coffee table, End Table or any other small table you like. Must be at intermediate level. I must see full size prints first. Include the 3 views. You might have to schedule a one on one drawing work-up so you can purchase the wood and then mill it up in advance of the class. This means square and flat for all parts and no knots. Veneering OK.

6/4-5 Krenov-style Wooden Plane Making Focus on tool sharpening and on using the hand plane you make. We will also cover low angle block planes as well as metal planes you use and bring to class.

6/11-12 Double Bevel Marquetry. Veneering, pressing and band saw set up and saw blade sharpening to cut your own veneers is also covered and much more.

All classes are 8 am to 6 pm.

For more information contact Arnold Champagne at or at 415/282-1704. Check out his web site at

Classes (5/2005) with Yeung Chan

5/16-5/20 Woodworking with Yeung Chan at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking

5/21, Fee-$125 Classic Wooden Joints with Power Tools at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana. 317/535-4013 or

7/11-22, Fee-$475 Woodworking Tools & Machined Joints at the College of the Redwoods. The application is on the web, or I'll have some at the meeting. For more information