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Last Meeting

I arrived at the BAWA dinner 2 or 3 minutes after 7 PM, the appointed starting time, and found the group well into their piled-high plates, a testament to the quality of the food if not the hunger of the group. Again this year, Robbie Fanning did an outstanding job of planning and presenting the meal. What really helped were the scores of volunteers who came early to set it up. Thank you all.

Dinner was followed by announcements:

Warren and Margo Wise, in their 18th year of business, are inviting BAWA members to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday October 5th from 1-4 PM at The Woodsman's Mill.

Bill Henzel reported that Rebuilding Together has a project to install handrails at a recreation center for the handicapped on October 18th.

John Schmidt, Show Director of The Toulumne River Woodworkers Association announced their annual exhibit at the McHenry Museum in Modesto September 21 through October 5th.

Arnie Champagne announced that he had a full slate of Fall classes. See the CLASSIFIED section for details.

Mike Cooper announced that Woodcraft Supply in Dublin is having an in-house show October 18-19th. See the EVENTS column.

It was announced that Jay Perrine is looking for ideas for the October meeting.

Jack Kassen, 415-920-9711, is selling a piece of clear plate glass, 3/4 x 42 x 82, with a 1" beveled edge for $100. Its estimated value if $600.

Tony Fanning reported that we expect to have 2 tables at the San Mateo Woodworking Show, October 31-November 2. Sign up for 2 hour shifts with Robbie Fanning and get in free.

Tony further announced the new slate of officers for the coming year: They include

    Craig Mineweaser - President

    Mark Rand - Treasurer & Newsletter Editor

    Peter Wronsky - Vice President

    Jay Perrine - Program with help from Stan Booker and Fred Reicher

    Jamie Buxton - Webmaster

    Harold Patterson - Membership & Outreach

    Bill Henzel - Rebuilding Together

    Mike Cooper - Librarian assisted by Jeremy Ashley

    Stan Booker - Door Prizes & Raffle.

We are still looking for a Secretary and a Hospitality Chairperson. We are also looking for someone to carry out a search for a permanent home for BAWA.

Show and Tell:

Arnie Champagne, who told us about Don Naples' new sharpening system which polishes to 8000 grit and does it quickly. Don will have a booth at the San Mateo Woodworking Show. Bring your dull tools to be sharpened.

Fred showed pictures of the workbench he made with Arnie's help out of "holy oak."

Linda Salter showed a segmented bowl she recently turned which has from 500-700 pieces.

John Schmidt showed pens and other small items with all the necessary mandrels and other items needed to turn them.

Mark Rand showed a grasshopper with moving parts.

Jamie Buxton showed slides of a complexly curved cabinet that he made using some crotch veneers which Brian Harrington passed out a few meetings ago. He discussed the many jigs he had used to make the cabinet.

Jeremy Ashley showed some tools and a plant stand he had made in Yeung Chan's class at the College of the Redwoods.

Arnie Champagne showed off his shirt which came out of Jim Budlong's class at the College of the Redwoods which quotes Budlong, "Wood is alive and moves until it burns."

Peter Wronsky showed a wood plane he had made using a metal pin to hold the iron and edge.

The raffle orchestrated by our Rafflemeister Stan Booker followed with gifts generously donated by both Rockler and Woodcraft Supply. There were many winners, too many to list all here but among them were: Al, Larry, Jamie, Gene, Harold, Nick, Carl, Mrs. Booker, Mike, John, John, and Fred.

Peter Wronsky, Secretary