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For your information, The Crucible is a community resource with classes in metal, glass pottery but it's main focus is metal. They pour, weld and forge metal. Yataiki gave a 2-day demo there last year in Japanese saw making. They also teach classes. Their web page address is http://www.thecrucible.org/ They are located at 1260 7th St., Oakland. They just came out with their summer session classes.

For those interested in the PAL Lumberyard web page, it is http://www.recycletrees.org

              Thanks, Julia Ryan

The Big Tree Project

The Big Tree Project, a 2 month long exhibition of over one hundred works of art, memorializes an ailing, ancient oak in Walnut Creek, cut down to protect the people beneath it. Mourning the tree's passing, the East Bay community is honoring the big tree's life and history through artworks created from it's wood. (18 members of the Diablo Woodworkers club are participating as well as many of the members of the Bay Area Woodturner Association). Our own Mike Bray has one piece in the show. The show opened on June 26th and will end on August 31st.

The show is in the Bedford Gallery located in the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, 1601 Civic Dr., Walnut Creek CA 94596.

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 5 pm, July and August.

Admission: General $3; Youth (17 and under) $2; Children 12 and under free; Tuesdays free.


              Thanks, Bill Tarleton, Diablo Valley Woodworkers

Veneer Sale

Brian Harrington has announced that his company, Flamingo Specialty Veneer, will soon be closing its doors, and is liquidating the inventory. All veneer will be sold in bundle quantities only. The vast majority of the veneer will be sold at $0.36/sqft. The cool "Craters" Walnut will be sold for $0.60/sqft which is a real opportunity. Even on Ebay this stuff goes for a couple of bucks. African Mahogany will sell for $0.18/sqft. Macassar Ebony, Fiddleback Eng Sycamore, and Brazilian Rosewood for $2.50/sqft. Burls range from $0.36/sqft to $2.20/sqft for Walnut burl. Unusual items will include the big box of Amboyna burl, containing 800sqft of nice Amboyna, originally purchased for $6.50/sqft. Make an offer! also, I have approx 1500sqft of Kevazingo which is in a huge variety of sizes and generally not well sequenced. Cost was $0.65/sqft but any reasonable offer will be accepted. Caveat here is that it is the buyer's responsibility to move the material from my shelf out. I also will be selling the shelving as well, approx $5000 worth including all the 2' x 10' melamine pieces. Make an offer! I hope to have the operation closed down by July 15th, so this may be the only real chance to obtain some of this material. For large purchases, the prices become slightly more negotiable, but I do need to extract a reasonable amount of my invested money from the inventory. All accessories etc will be sold at or below cost. There was a sale on June 28th but there is probably veneer left. Contact me to see what's left at kilo_watt@yahoo.com

At this point in time, the web site is effectively down. Phone is only being answered sporadically. Thanks for all your support. It was fun.

              -- Brian


If you know anyone with with an email address of ________@attbi.com then be advised that it has been changed to _________@comcast.net

Mark Rand