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President's Corner

We asked -- you answered!

Well, the BAWA Membership Survey results are in and I'm busy compiling and tabulating them. I don't have the final results yet, but what's clear from your comments is that you think the Board and Committee Chairs are doing a good job. This is gratifying news! (I knew that they were, but it's nice to hear it from you folks too.) What comes through is your enthusiasm for BAWA, and hopefully we can help you maintain this enthusiasm. As for changes, many have said they don't want major changes, and we don't plan on making any. What we will do is institute some "enhancements" of our existing programs. We'll try a few things and see if they work for BAWA.

What I have gleaned so far is your understanding and desire for BAWA to continue as an organization whose primary mission is education in woodworking. Whether it's the excellent speakers and presentations we have at each meeting, the Tech Talks about basics, the places we visit, the Show & Tell items, or the camaraderie with other woodworkers -- you've said loud and clear you are attending to get (and give) information about woodworking. This sounds like a very good reason for BAWA to exist and so our enhancements will try to support this.

Once again we want to thank all of you for filling out the Survey. About half of the membership responded -- an amazing number for a mailed survey -- with very valuable comments. We plan to start presenting these improvements to you in August. Stay tuned for fine-tuning of BAWA! Meanwhile keep making sawdust!

Craig Mineweaser