February 2003


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On our site, you will now find a list prepared by Mike Cooper our Librarian of all the items in our library. You get there by a link labled "Library" on the home page. As you can see, we have books, tapes, magazines and various articles including hand outs from some of our past speakers and Tech Talkers. Now I know I have been beating this to death but we really need an infusion of new materials into our library. What we have is good but there are a lot of new great items out there. So, take a minute and let Mike know what you would like to see added to our library.


We've collected a listing of various places recommended by BAWA members such as schools, lumber yards, hardware stores and wood specialty stores. You get there by a link labled "Resources" on the home page. Take a minute to check it out. If you have an additional place to recommend, let Jamie know and we'll publish it in the newsletter and on our web site.

Also, check out the Gallery. We have several new photos up.

Shop Tours

We have let this slide far too long. Let other club members see your shop. We could get some ideas for our own shop or give you some ideas as to how to possibly improve your shop. Let me know if you are willing to throw your doors open.

Checking table saw alignment

To check if your miter gauge slot is parallel to your blade, first unplug your saw. Then mark a tooth. Place a square in the slot and let the end of the square just touch the side of the tooth. Slide the square and rotate the blade to the back and see if the end of the square just touches the marked tooth. If they do then the slot and the blade are aligned. If not, adjust the table and re-do the test. Happy Cutting. Thank you Tuolumne River Woodworkers Association for this tip.

I think I'll get out of your faces now.

Mark Rand