February 2003


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This Month's Meeting

February 20th (3rd Thursday)

7:00 pm

Dues are due

Our annual dues are due. Please get a check for $30 to our Treasurer, Gene Wagg. Hand it to him at a meeting, or mail to 825 Santa Fe, Albany CA 94706.

This month's presentations

For our February meeting Manny Hernandez will do a Tech Talk on selecting a modern bench plane. He will discuss what to look for when shopping for modern day versions of the old classics. He will have planes for you to check out including Lie Nielsen, Holtey, Lee Valley and Clifton. The emphasis will be on Lie Nielsen. Manny was able to visit the Lie-Nielsen plant in Maine as a side trip when he took a class there and may provide some additional insight into that brand of plane!

Our main speaker will be Michael Cullen from Petaluma speaking to us on Wood, Texture and Color in Furniture Design. Michael has his own shop and is a member of the Baulines Craft Guild, sometimes employing an apprentice. He was a mechanical engineer initially and then went to a school to learn furniture making. One of the distinguishing characteristics of many of Michael's pieces are that he adds carving and interesting color (paints, stains, etc) to many of his pieces. This carving is not chip carving but...well, why not come see his slides and some samples of his carving he will have and possibly a recent piece. He will be an instructor at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking this summer. We intend to have dual slide projectors again to get the most visual information in an hour that the speaker can give!

Meeting Location

Starboard Room
Library Community Center
1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd.
Foster City


From 101, take the East Hillsdale exit. Drive a mile plus toward the bay. Turn right on Shell Blvd.

From the East Bay, take the San Mateo Bridge (92 West), Take the Foster City Blvd. Exit, and head southeast. Turn right on East Hillsdale Ave. and left on Shell Blvd.

From (92 eastbound), exit onto Foster City Blvd., turn right on Hillsdale, turn left on Shell.

Once on Shell, get in the left lane. Go past the library, and make a U-Turn at the center island opening. Then turn into the parking lot that is behind the library. The stairs to the community rooms are at the north end of the building.

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