May 2002


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President's Corner

Box Contest

What a great success our Third Annual Box Contest was this year! The types, sizes and styles varied widely and we had over a dozen entries. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations! Now, I hope everyone is working on their jig or fixture to display at our Jigs and Fixtures meeting in the fall!

Rebuilding Together

Our efforts on Saturday, April 27th also paid off for "Rebuilding Together." At the San Francisco site Bill Henzel did his usual excellent job of organizing our rowdy little band of volunteers into a full-fledged work crew that did amazing stuff in the midst of chaos. There were over 60 people crawling all over the building (mostly a busload of school kids) painting and cleaning, tearing up floors, etc. Meanwhile our guys installed three doors, hung drywall to patch some ceilings, built some large shelves for a built-in cupboard, installed door closers, patched a rotted floor, replaced a garden bench top, aaannnnnddd built a new redwood bench in the corner of the garden. It is L-shaped, about 20 to 25 feet long and required something like 16 concrete footings to support it. Plus I'm sure there are some other things that got done that I missed listing here. Whew! Well done everyone and kudos to Bill!

Membership Brochures

Robbie Fanning has done a great job creating new membership brochures! Pick some up at the next meeting and hand them out to woodworkers you encounter who are looking for a great, educational club like ours. Carry one in your car to hand out to someone. Give one to a friend and invite them to a meeting. Take a stack of them and place them at the volunteer organization rack of you local library, community center, etc. Also Arnie Champagne represented BAWA at his booth in the latest woodworking show in Sacramento. He brought back a list of names of people interested in BAWA. Together these efforts will bring us new faces at our upcoming meetings and enlarge our club. Thanks Robbie and Arnie!

It's truly wonderful how all these people are helping to make BAWA an excellent club. It's time for you too to get involved -- lend a hand and volunteer -- you'll learn more about BAWA, about woodworking and gain some great friends in the bargain!

Craig Mineweaser