May 2002


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Last Meeting

There was no Tools and Techniques talk at this meeting nor were there any silent auction items. As to Annoucements, Jamie Buxton our Web Master is still collecting pictures of member's work. Please if you have any pictures contact him at 650/365-3076 or As to Hospitality, donations are needed and welcome. Aren't those tasty donuts and crunchy nuts worth a buck or two?

During Show and Tell, Mike Bray stepped forward and passed around an April Fools type article he wrote for a wood magazine on how to distress wood. He described many methods including how you should let your dog chew on the wood or drag the wood behind the car at a recommended speed. The article was funny and in the spirit of April Fools day. WELL-He received emails from outraged animal lovers complaining about animal cruelty and from citizens complaining the irresponsibility of dragging objects behind cars on public streets. Paul Reif talked about finding lumber in Hawaii and getting it back here. In his experience, lumbering there is pretty much hit-or-miss. It may be that there isn't enough wood to make a big export market. There are also such issues as fumigating before wood is allowed onto the mainland. He showed a piece of wood which I believe he called Pheasant Wood. Most have never heard of such a wood and are wondering if it is related to Pheasant-Under-Glass"

Box Contest

Your editor was not at the meeting choosing to quaff wine in various parts of France but from reading president Craig's report and seeing a photograph of the happy winners it appears that the contest was a success. Here is the list of winners in the following categories. BIGGEST: Richard Winslow; SMALLEST: Linda Salter; FUNNIEST: Claude Godcharles; MOST USEFUL: Carl Johnson; MOST ORIGINAL: Gene Wagg; MOST UNUSUAL; Peter Wronsky; MOST INTRICATE DESIGN: Jerry Robinson; MOST MODERN: Paul Reif; MOST CLASSIC: Nick Korens; BEST TURNING: Linda Salter; BEST EXECUTION: Mike Bray; BEST OF SHOW: Arnie Champagne; OPEN CATEGORY: George Bosworth; OTHER: Arnie Champagne.

Actually, your editor had a box all worked out in his evil little brain. Just wait. I'll get Best of Show and the Humvee vehicle as the prize next year!

Main Presentation

Again, Program Chair Jay Perrine arranged for a great program. Keith Stevens, owner of WOODWORKERS SOURCE, flew in from Phoenix to give us his presentation. Keith is an importer of wood. He gave a very interesting slide show on the sources of the South American wood that he imports. He imports over 100 varieties of wood and showed us some of the saw mill operations that are involved to bring the wood to market. Factoid: One third of the earth's trees are from Brazil. He also discussed the complex issue of certification. All in all, we are happy that Keith gave up his day job as an accountant for a Big 8 company.

The meeting was ending quite late but not before Don Naples and Gene Wagg walked away with the door prizes. Two more satisfied BAWA customers.