July 2002


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Robbie Fanning is chairing the preparations for the BAWA display booth at the November Woodworking show in San Mateo. We will try to make this booth as attractive as possible. We have a large BAWA logo sign which we will hang. You members have shown some beautiful items that you have made. The items in the box contest is one such example. Why don't you volunteer to bring them for display? Don Naple is constructing a glass display case, so the items will be out of reach. Contact Robbie at rfanning@mac.com or at 650/323-1183. She will need the box dimensions. Help the club, do volunteer your box or any other item that you have made. Another great display item is some of those very clever jigs and fixtures you have made. A simple written explanation can be placed next to the item. If you need help writing the explanation see Robbie or any of the other Officers. We can bumble along together and write something. Any other ideas for the booth? C'mon put your thinking caps on and let's outshine every other booth there!


Tony Fanning is working on developing for the booth an album of photographs of members work. Give him a call if you have something for him to photograph at 650/323-1183 or email him at tonyfanning@mac.com.

The reason that this booth is so important is that this is how we get new members. We need to keep growing or at least offset the people that have dropped out. We hope that they will come to our December meeting to check us out. Jay promises this meeting to be a blockbuster with performing elephants, lions and tigers.

I think I'll get out of your faces now.

Mark Rand