July 2002


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July 18th (3nd Thursday)

7:00 pm

Main Presentations

Our 7 PM Tech Talk will actually be a Tech Tour by Lyle Bartlett of Bartlett Cabinetry our host for the evening. He will show us some of the highly automated machinery that his staff of 15 use on a regular basis. One key component is a CNC machine where he will show us the digital image of the cuts to be made on the monitor and might possibly have it cut right in front of our hungry-for-learning-about-woodworking eyes. Lyle has some scraps he will be donating to the club members (that is, if we are nice and don't leave soda cans and coffee cups on his fine equipment).

Our own Linda Salter will do the main presentation for the evening . She will show us how she makes those stunning segmented bowls. Since it is an involved and time-consuming process, she will not be able to turn one. She will have slides to help describe the complex process of working out the design then gluing different wood pieces together to form rings. Eventually the rings are stacked and glued together to form the rough bowl. It is then turned and if you are lucky and skillful, the bowl will come out as intended. By evening's end, we will all be able to make these bowls on our just bought lathes.

Meeting Location

1350 Donner Avenue
San Francisco


From I-280:
Either connect to US 101 by using I-380 or continue on I-280 through San Francisco and connect to US 101 South. Get off at the 3rd Street exit. Follow the instructions under FOR ALL DIRECTIONS listed below.

From US101:
For both directions on US 101 take the 3rd Street exit. Follow the instructions under FOR ALL DIRECTIONS listed below

For all directions:
Once at the base of the 3rd Street ramp, drive northbound along 3rd St. for about 8 blocks to Egbert Ave. (the street before it is Fitzgerald) and turn right. Travel 2 blocks to Ingalls St. and turn left. Travel 1 block to Donner and turn right. Look for parking and 1350 Donner. This area is a mix of housing and warehouses. It is not a tough area but be watchful and keep your doors locked.

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