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President's Corner

Frank is on vacation. This message is reprinted from the March 2008 newsletter and is still current today.

We are a group with common interests. Within our group we have members of many different skill sets and knowledge. One of the big benefits of our group meetings is we get to share this knowledge by learning from others by talking, asking questions, or sometimes just watching. February's meeting was a great example where we had excellent presentations from 2 of our members on very different subjects. Our program will continue to have guest presenters. But I think the presentations by our members, no matter how long or short, and the accompanying questions and answers help us all. The field of woodworking is so broad that we can never know it all, there is always more we can find out that increases our enjoyment when working with wood.

You all have some knowledge, skill or experience in this broad field of woodworking, be it a project you completed, or as sometime happens, totally messed up. Could be an old tool you use that may not be seen in common use today. Or a special piece of wood you converted into a table lamp. There are endless possibilities.

Why not offer a talk about some aspect of your woodworking at one of our meetings? We always have a show-and-tell were you can bring along any of your work and give us a brief description of the challenges you overcame (or not).

Frank Ramsay

Frankramsay8@aol.com or 408-823-2382

Note from the Editor

On the same vein of coming forward please consider volunteering in some way to help the club. Elections will soon be coming up. All positions from the President to the newsletter editor are open. If you can't do it full time, what about doing a job for a couple of months. The elected officers have been in their positions for a long time and are getting weary. In order for the club to survive, we need new blood. So please consider helping in some way. The future of the club depends on it.

Mark Rand