December 2006


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President's Corner

As the year comes to an end, I want to thank all of our hard working officers who make BAWA a fun and rewarding organization. Mark Rand has done an outstanding job of keeping everything going well as he serves as our newsletter editor and treasurer. Our program director Per Madsen put together a full slate of interesting and exciting speaker this past year with assistance from Stan Booker and Fred Reicher. Our secretary John Blackmore has kept meticulous notes that provide an interesting account of past meetings which is printed every month in the newsletters. Membership Director Bruce Woods made sure that name tags and membership forms were available at every meeting and Librarian Dan Goodman has resurrected our library which is now fully operational. Neil White, our Silent Auction Director, made sure that all items were properly displayed and their sale earned money for the club. Stan Booker has served the club for countless years holding many different positions including president, hospitality chair and continues to serve as our door and raffle prize guru. In April, Fred Reicher and Tony Fanning utilized our skilled members in providing new storage systems at the oldest fire house in San Francisco. Harold Patterson has inspired our members with his continuing Toy workshops to produce wonderful toys for many disadvantaged children. Robbie Fanning put together another wonderful fall dinner and has contributed in so many other ways behind the scenes. Jamie Buxton has maintained our very impressive website for many years and continues to add new features. The list of committee members and volunteers is too long for me thank each and every one in this column. The generosity of so many members with their time, has greatly contributed to the growth of the BAWA organization which in turn has had a large impact on woodworking in the Bay Area. Next year BAWA will reach a milestone, we will be 25 years old. To celebrate our jubilee year we are planning some special events which should make 2007 our most exciting year yet.

Bill Henzel