July 2005


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BAWA Apparel. Hey! Be the first one in your block to be decked out in the latest BAWA finery. Wear the finery to the meetings, to the wood shows or just show your envious woodworker friends. Jay Perrine is the source of BAWA baseball caps ($10), and BAWA work shirts ($35 or so). You can contact him at jperrine@calwater.com or 408/378-1585.

Or how about a nice laser-engraved name tag for BAWA meetings? Check out Mike Cooper's. He can get you one for $8. (mlcooper94555@comcast.net or 510/471-6934.)

Woodcraft. Dublin & San Carlos give the club a rebate on all purchases. Give receipts to Mark Rand

This Month's Meeting

July 21st (3rd Thursday) 6:30 pm


July 23rd 10-4

Hand plane program

Open the drawer and peruse the hand tools that were passed down to you along with the stuff you picked up at the flea markets and garage sales. You pickup the saw setter that you thought would be useful to sharpen your handsaws, you put it down and pick up an old bench plane, a number 5. As you gaze at the rosewood handles, you wonder when will I learn how to use this tool. Beneath the rust you know there is a wonderful tool, you just don't know how to make it work. It's seems to have a mind of it's own. Just when things are going well it gouges and scratches the piece and you wonder what are those plane crazies are talking about. You once heard someone rhapsodizing over the chatoyance that the wood displayed, and you said to yourself, I don't know what he or she are drinking but I know I want some.

Well all is not lost; the good news is that over a period of two days, the plane crazies are going to show you how. Our meeting on Thursday July 21 is going to be all about planes and planing.

We will have a program put on by Don Naples, Neal White, Harold Patterson, Manny Hernandez and other BAWA members that will talk about all aspects of planes, including wooden, transitional and metal planes. On display will be all different kind of planes from block planes all the way up to infill and the specialty planes. Japanese planes will also be featured.

There will be a demonstration of electrolysis to get the rust out. Different methods of sharpening. A discussion of sharpening angles and the effect on squirrelly wood.

This is an opportunity to get a better understanding of planes and planing. Please dig out those planes; we can assist you in the restoration and fettling (tune-up) process.

PART 2 takes place on Saturday July 23 in the parking lot behind Woodcraft-San Carlos from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

We will have displays of planes and different sharpening methods including the latest machines, but the thrust of this event will be hands on.

Bring your planes, we will help you to remove the rust, flatten the soles, and sharpen the blades. After your planes are tuned up, you will be able to test them and see how they behave on different woods. There will be demonstrations of planing technique. This is going to be a lot of fun, so mark the date and dig out those planes.

Harold Patterson

Meeting Location

Woodcraft San Carlos
1121 B Industrial Road, San Carlos

Driving directions
HWY 101 from the north
-Take the Brittan Av off-ramp. Make almost an immediate left into the complex parking lot. The store is at the far end of the complex.
HWY 101 from the south
-Take the Whipple Av West off-ramp and travel north on Industrial. Turn right into the driveway just before you reach Brittan. (The previous intersection is Howard).
FROM HWY 280-Take the Edgewood Rd off-ramp and travel to Alameda De Las Pulgas. Turn left and travel to Brittan and turn right. (it's the first signal). Cross Industrial and turn right into the complex driveway. The store is at the far end of the complex.
You cannot make a left turn into the store driveway if you are traveling south on Industrial Rd. There is a raised median. In addition, there is a NO U TURN at the next intersection.

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