November 2004


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President's Corner

Welcome to BAWA!

I'm writing this while working at our booth at THE WOODWORKING SHOW at the San Mateo County Expo Center. For many years we have had a booth at this show, and it has been the primary way that many of us (including me) have found out about the Bay Area Woodworkers. It has been our largest source of new members. This year our booth was bigger and better than ever before! It was such fun to talk about our club to many of you woodworkers attending the Show. I saw the interest you have in learning more about woodworking, and that's what we are all about -- sharing information and having presenters show us what they do in this wonderful world of woodworking. I hope to see you at our upcoming meetings where you'll learn even more about what a vibrant, interesting group we are!

A big thank you to members Arnie Champagne and John Schmidt for doing demonstrations all three days at our booth -- this is an amazing and very tiring stint of work, and they enthusiastically promoted us throughout. I noticed that this really helped draw in you visitors to the Show. Thanks also to our many members who staffed our booth and who brought things they'd made to put in our display case. The display was very, very impressive. Also it was because you personally explained about our club with these show patrons that caused many to sign up for more info about us, and many will be at our November, December and January meetings.

Member Tony Fanning created the signage for our booth complete with large color photographs of various events we've had this year, plus a notebook of BAWA photos for visitors to peruse -- thanks Tony, they looked great. And most of all, thanks to member Robbie Fanning for organizing (orchestrating!) our entire work at the Show! She and Tony have documented our process to make it easy for our members to participate and give us a chance to talk to all of you Show visitors. Great job Robbie!

Now, to all you who visited our booth, come to a meeting soon and see us in action! Welcome to BAWA! We look forward to your participation in this great club!

Craig Mineweaser