April 2002


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President's Corner

Aahh, Spring!

The calendar says it's now officially spring. Are your thoughts turning to your shop? I don't know about you, but during those looong winter nights, my shop gets pretty cold. And by this time of year it's become cluttered with "stuff." Recently before disassembling, repairing and re-gluing a drawer from a favorite old chest, I had to wait a couple weeks for the weather to warm up so the glue would cure properly. Then when finally doing this job, I found myself constantly hurtling over boxes and stacks of household things that were in the way. Since we don't have basements in California, all this clutter ends up in the garage. Yeah, right in the middle of my workspace! Now with this beautiful spring weather I can open the garage door and sweep the junk outta' here! Then my shop becomes an entirely different space -- bright, airy and comfortable.

How about you? Wouldn't it make your shop time more enjoyable if you did a spring clean-up first? For instance you could find and file all those different sizes of wood-screws and hardware that you bought for the last several projects. Or you could organize your lumber rack according to the size and species of off-cuts and other leftover pieces. Think of how it'll feel to start your next project in a clean shop where you can find everything!

Just as cars run better when they're clean (don't they?), you'll work more comfortably in a clean shop. And you can finish your box entry for this month's contest with ease.

Perhaps this whole issue doesn't apply to some of you who never let your shop get messy in the first place. If you're one of those -- go play in the sunshine. For the rest of us let's get busy and clean up the mess.

Auction Items?

Now that you've got your shop cleaned, you've probably found some old tools, lumber scraps and other stuff you don't use anymore. Bring them to the next BAWA meeting for the silent auction. You recycle and BAWA benefits!

Craig Mineweaser