Newsletter July 2023

BAWA Meeting July 16th. 2023
Combined in person & Zoom meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Frank Ramsay.

Program Announcements – Paul Krenitsky

August 19th: Bruce Powell is teaching a Marquetry Workshop

Goal is to make Koa fish you can use on a mall box

Class starts at 9.30am.
To register, email Jon Kaplan, Treasurer, at
and if space is available, donate $59 to BAWA on our website

Registration is on first-come basis
Size is 2-4 people
Lunch will be sub sandwiches ordered
from local Sub Shop (budget $15)
or bring your own

September 10th: BAWA Annual Members Picnic

BAWA will be supplying Hamburgers
Hot Dogs and none alcoholic
drinks (alcohol is not permitted in the park)
Plus plates, napkins and tableware and condiments

Members are asked to bring a Side dish or a desert
for sharing with the group

We also have will have our first Planning Challenge
Who can draw the longest shaving from a plank of Poplar

Bring your own, freshly sharpened, planes

October 15th: Our Guest Speaker: BAWA Member Neal White about antique furniture or white Kimiko work

BAWA Dovetail class was held at Palo Alto Adult School on on 15th July - 13 people attended

Our next class will cover sharpening – details still tbd


Featured Speaker

Bruce Powell
In-person Marquetry

Bruce started with a showcase of incredible work:

Paul Schurch

Craig Thibodeau
Art-Deco table with Tompe Loeil interior

Patrick Edwards and Patrick Lejene

Jean Paul Spindlerc
Example of Knife cutting

Details from Jean Paul Spindler

Matthew Werner
Scotts Valley
He is offering a marquetry class on the lst 2 Saturdays in September
(very good classes for 5-8 people)

Tom Gaston
Sideboard with inlaid ocean scene

Hudson example of laser-cutting

Jean_Paul Spindler workshop in France

Classroom Set-up

Mateo on Bruce's Hegner Scroll Saw

Scroll tables are set to an angle
The thinner the veneer the shallower the angle

Ways to cut the veneer

Knife cutting – Jean-Paul Spindlier, France

Laser cutting – done be machines

Scroll cutting with a scroll saw

Stack cutting

Double-bevel cutting (As we did during Bruce's class)

In marquetry you generally want to cut the veneers from the background to the foreground

A small box with one of Bruce's Koa Fish inlays


Show and Tell

Max Goldstein

Max brought back the special box he showed last month
He had added two small magnets, one each side, to hold the closed
The magnets are glued in with opposite polarities up
This ensure the lid is always in the correct orientation

Minutes by Mateo McCullough