2018 BAWA Woodworking Show

John Blackmore

Size: 17 in 17 in 60 in
Wood: Black Acacia
Technique: Mortise and Tenon, Butterfly insert
Finish: Sutherland Welles Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil

I made a dining room set for my son, consisting of an Acacia natural edged slab table and two long seating benches. Each leg is made of four interlocking pieces, joined in the center with tenons and dowels. The trestle connects the two leg sets, held in place with ebony pins

Walnut Bookcase

Size: 24 in 16 in 36 in
Wood: Walnut
Technique: Mortise and Tenon
Finish: Tung Oil

I made this bookcase several years ago right after I first joined BAWA. It has served me well.

Matching jewelry boxes

Size: 13 in 9 in 6.5 in
Wood: Redwood burl and Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Technique: Lock miter joints, Divided trays
Finish: Shellac

I made three of these boxes. I gave the first one to the Brazilian parents of my son's girlfriend. I wanted to show them that there are beautiful woods in North America, too.