Yeung Chan

Yeung Chan is a furniture maker and instructor from California. Born in China, he came to United States in 1973. Yeung studied under James Krenov at the College of the Redwoods in 1997. He has taught woodworking courses at the College of the Redwoods in California and Carleton College in Minnesota, he also gives seminars and demonstrations in numerous woodworking shows in the US. Yeung is the author of the book “Classic Joints with Power tools.”

Toolbox and tools

Yeung made all the tools in this toolbox, and the toolbox too. This toolbox is also shown in a book, "With Wakened Hands: Furniture by James Krenov and Students".

Hand plane

Among the hand tools that Yeung Chan has made is this hand plane made of bronze and wood. The bronze sole/sideplates is a U-shaped casting found at a metals-supply place. Yeung Chan cut and filed the bronze to shape. The wooden body and handle are rosewood. The cutting blade and guard are from Hock.

Wooden boat project

I am in the middle of building this wooden boat. The joinery is exacting.