Jamie Buxton

Cabinets for a special collection

These cabinets were designed to hold a collection of Mickey Mouse artifacts from his role as Sorcerer's Apprentice in the 1940 movie Fantasia. Each bowfront is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The exterior is cancharana, the interior is curly maple, the handles are ebony, and the feet are gold leaf.

Dining chair

This dining chair is made from a eucalyptus called jarrah, and some blue paint. The back is a curved tapered lamination.

Black Acacia Desk

This desk is about six feet long. It is primarily made of black acacia. The tree grew in Santa Cruz. The drawer pulls are wenge. The green hole filler is malachite gravel in epoxy. The top is three curved planks, so the joints between them are curved, which is tricky to do.

Extendable Dining Table

In its compact state, this table is 7' long by 4' wide. It seats eight people with room in the middle for serving dishes. It has four leaves. With all of them inserted, it is 14' feet long, and seats 16 people. The table is made of walnut. The top is thick shop-sawn veneer. The table slide system is many sidemount drawer slides and wood.

Tall Chest of Drawers

I got intrigued with pushing the chest-of-drawers form. This tall narrow chest is the result. I envisioned it in one those oddball upstairs in some old house in San Francisco. There are no straight lines in the piece. Notice the integral drawer pulls snaking down the front. The chest is made from Khaya.

This tall chest of drawers won the Peoples Award in the BAWA 2016 Exhibition in Santa Clara.

Wine Bottle holder of wavy veneer

This is a display for a few wine bottles. It is bent plywood.

Three-legged Seating

Three-legged seating intrigues me. You only need three legs to support you. And a three-legged chair never rocks, like a conventional four-legged chair does on a rough floor. The chair here is bubinga, and the stool is cherry.

Demilune Table

The veneer top is three pieces of walnut crotch which are naturally V-shaped, to form the half-circle -- really nice.

Wood: Claro Walnut

Finish: Varnish

Size: 36in wide, 16in deep, 34in high

Technique: solid lumber and shop-sawn veneer

Rocking Chair (2 x 4 contest)

Wood: Douglas Fir

Finish: Oil

Size: 30" high

Technique: solid lumber and shop-made plywood