Dennis Yamamoto

Sideboard in Cherry

Construction of a Cherry Console

Dennis designed and built this cherry console
based of a Moser console that he used as an inspiration.

The front of the piece is curved and bent laminations are made to create the curved front pieces.

Dennis bought 200 board feet of 8/4 veneer quality cherry from Bob Kloes

The templates and bending forms made for the cabinet

figured soft maple drawer sides

Since the drawer fronts are curved
Dennis used sliding dovetails sliding dovetails in front and through dovetails in back.

The legs are rift sawn. He has a jointer with power feed.
He did a lot of resawing to create the laminations for the curved portions of the piece.
He ran the resawn cherry through his drum sander to remove the saw marks.

The bent pieces are laminated and vacuum bagged over a form.
He has a shaper with helical insert cutters that he used with one of his templates
for shaping the curved lower part of the piece.

Back of the cabinet

Joinery includes dominoes, dovetails, and pocket screws.
with a Festool LR3 used for locating
the shelf pins that are located in the cabinets on either side of the drawers.

Many of the pieces are pre-finished before being glued together.
with four coats of Minwax Wipe-On poly to finish the piece.

Wood source:

House Door

Wood: 1/4" Honduran Mahogany and figured Redwood veneers over a
Weyerhaeuser TimberStrand LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) core

Size: 84" x 38" x 2" door with sidelight and jam

Technique: Mortise and tenon joints

Other: Emtek mortise lockset and ball bearing hinges. Low-E double paned glazing

Coopered cabinet

Wood: Honduran Mahogany, with coopered Redwood doors, soft Maple drawer sides and Ebony pulls

Technique: The doors were planed with a Krenov style coopering plane with a convex sole.
The doors are half overlaid into the case sides and attached with knife hinges.
The case is Domino'd and the interior partitions are splined.

Other: Like all Krenov drawers they are hand dovetailed and the drawers are slightly tapered and fit into tapered pockets


Wood: Claro walnut

Size: 7 feet long by 30 inches wide

Technique: Loose tenon and tusk tenon construction