Claude Godcharles

Charles X style Gueridon Table

Wood: Madrone Burl, Manzanita Burl, Bird's Eye Maple

Finish: Shellac, Wipe-on poly

Size: 22" dia. x 29" H

Vase of Catalpa wood

Wood: Catalpa

Finish: Beeswax/mineral oil

Technique: Turning with hook tool

Size: 8" Dia x 20" H

Inspiration: " I wanted to try new techniques for deep hollowing on the lathe using gouges and hook tools instead of scrapers."

Michelle's Mirror

Wood: Cherry

Finish: Shellac

Size: 16" x 16" x 2"

Technique: Bridle joint, router pattern

Inspiration: "A friend needed a small wall mirror for her massage studio, it needed to have doors to hide the mirror when not needed."

Stickley Arts and Craft lamp

Wood: White oak, copper, mica

Finish: Dye, shellac, wipe-on varnish

Technique: Dowels, biscuits

Size: 12 in 10 in 18 in

Inspiration: "This lamp was used as a class project at the Palo Alto Adult School. It is adapted from a Stickley design from the 1930's."

Screen (2 x 4 Contest

Wood: 2 X 4 Fir plank

Inspiration: "BAWA's 2 x 4 contest: what can you make with a 2 x 4 from the local lumber yard?

Console Table

Stepped Shelves