Burt Rosensweig

Purpleheart Box for someone special

I made this gift for my wife. It is a purpleheart heart box. Finished with spray can polyurethane.

Marking gauge

I made this marking gauge on my metal lathe. I had the brass and steel on hand. I bought the Wheel Marking Gauge Replacement Blade from Woodcraft. The brass thumbscrew is made from two pieces – the brass is pressed onto a steel socket head cap screw. Jon Kaplan was nice enough to send me the dimensions from his marking gauge.

Angela's bed

The captain’s bed I made for my daughter. It is made from birch and birch plywood. Finished with Minwax stain and polyurethane. Designed it with a CAD program (SolidWorks).

Bird Cage Stand

The bird cage stand is made from oak with Minwax stain and polyurethane finish. Designed using SolidWorks.

A series of model airplanes made to scale

Piper Cub, Pitts-2, Cessna-172, Stearman PT-17 model airplanes made of 2 by 4 fir studs

The airplanes are all made from 2x4 fir stud lumber. I made one a year for four years as part of the “2x4 Challenge”.

Stearman in progress

Detergent Stand

We got a new dryer and it did not fit in front of the vent, so I made a taller detergent stand that hides the dryer vent. It is made from maple that was recovered from a discarded bed frame. Mortise and tenon joints are used on the legs.