Bill Henzel

Church Altar

Altar in front of church

Altar is constructed of cherry and beech with a marble top.

Showing solid construction of altar before marble top.

Altar is constructed of cherry and beech

Wood Work Bench

Wooden bench based on a design in Fine Woodworking

The bench is made from maple with a top that was based on a design that was featured on a cover of Fine Woodworking. The cabinet base came from a design that appeared in American Woodworker. I wanted a traditional bench top with lots of clamping capability but also would be able to have lots of storage. The top is 1.75 " thick surrounded on 3 sides with a 6" thick bread board. The front bread board is joined to the side breadboards with hand cut dovetails. The side bread boards have mortises that fit into tenons in the top. The front vise is from Woodcraft and the twin side vise is from Veritas. The cabinet is made of 3/4" maple plywood with solid maple edging.

All of the drawers and pullout are on full extension slides.

The bench sits on 3" casters and can be moved very easily. Small blocks keep the bench immobile during use.

Wooden bench showing storage

Memorial Tower

Memorial Tower in place of worship

This tower represents the 53 parishes that make up the diocese of San Jose. The brass plates contain the names of all the priests that have died since the diocese was founded. The tower was dedicated recently, the feast of Saint John Vianney.

The tower is made of eastern black walnut.

53 inches high

Ambo - Lectern

Bent lamination of cherry and beech trim with a marble top.

Ambo in use

Garden Gate

Garden gate

Constructed of laminated redwood.

Wooden pull toys

I made a set of wooden pull toys for children. Each of these toys moves up and down when pulled. Designs are based on David Wakefield's book Animated Toys.

Wooden pull toys- beaver, gorilla, kangaroo

Wooden pull toys- brontosaurus, skunk, walrus