28/29/30 March Plane making class
Instructor Scott Wynn author of
"Woodworker's Guide to Handplanes"

Scott's description:

In this class we will make a Coffin-sided Smoothing Plane, a traditional-style wood body plane of a form that has been used by woodworkers for at least a millennium. The plane we will make will be an improved version and will include an number of advancements that will improve its performance and make it easier to build:

an adjustable throat piece to reduce both tearout, plane maintenance, and as well increase the plane's versatility;

the use of a cross-pin to wedge the blade in order to simplify making the plane;

and a more rounded body with a thumb piece under the blade for greater comfort, control, and efficiency in use.

We will use a mortising machine to speed cutting of the blade well.

This style of plane has the advantage over a Krenov style plane in that it allows the user a wider choice of blade type and is not limited to the small number of specialty short blades. For instance, the user could have a choice of: a hand forged carbon steel blade by Clifton, an antique laminated blade (which can often be had at flea markets for $10- $15); 01, A2 or A2 cryogenically-treated steel, chrome vanadium steel, or the new PMV11 steel by Lee Valley, among others.

Additionally, the blade angle of this plane will be 55, an angle not commonly available and particularly suited for woods such as walnut, mahogany, and ash.

I will supply a tool list of required hand tools (basic) that the student must bring to use, as well as a brief discussion of blade types that will be included in the list (or you can read my book!). I will supply no hand tools, and other than the hollow chisel mortising machine and drill press, you will be using no power tools. I will also supply a prepared wood block and required miscellaneous wood materials. You will supply the blade and chipbreaker. Class will conclude with a demonstration of blade preparation and how to fine tune the completed plane.

The class will take place at my shop in San Francisco on the Saturday and Sunday with an orientation meeting Friday night. I can take a maximum of six students and the cost will vary according to the number of people who sign up.

Cost per student will be between $200 and $275 depending on how many sign-up plus $20 in materials cost each.

The student will supply his own blade and chipbreaker.

Since the class is limited to 6 students, please register early.

Contact John Blackmore for further information: johnblackmore@comcast.net

Or phone: 650-361-1889


Scott Wynn's workshop
1777 Yosemite Ave.
San Francisco 94124
Phone: 415-822-1290 shop, or 415-819-4570 cell

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