California sustainable hardwood lumber mill

Some meetings are held at woodwork related facilities in the Bay Area. These meetings are often held on a Saturday and are in addition to our regular meetings. In the last year we have visited a saw mill where they produce lumber from local hardwood trees that have fallen or had to be removed for safety or environmental reasons. We have also visited Laney College in Oakland where they are training people for a career in cabinets . They learn use new up to date CAD/CAM driven machines that are the same as used in professional cabinet shops in the area. We also visited a large corporations woodworking shop where they manufactured the specialized cabinetry that the corporation required. We have also visited specialist hardwood lumber merchants and a company that specializes in Japanese joinery for custom houses. These visits give members a view into woodworking that is difficult to get unless they are working unless they are working as professionals in the business.

Reclaimed lumber

Boat building