See BAWA August 2010 Toy Workshop on Youtube

Fence construction for a Rebuilding Together project

We participate in woodworking related charitable activates to help communities in the Bay Area.

For many years we have participated in Rebuilding Together Program.

For about 15 years we worked with San Francisco Chapter of Rebuilding Together (originally called Christmas in April). We now work with the Rebuilding Together Peninsula organization.

Every year we provide Team captains and a large team of member volunteers to help rebuild properties for worthwhile charities or needed families in the Bay area.

Our members put many hours into these projects and enjoy helping our local communities in this way.

A community of volunteers

Rebuilding at a kindergarten

We also have a focus on Toy Workshops where we get together in a members workshop and produce wooden toys for distribution to deserving causes around the Bay area.

Toy Workshop making model cars

Toy Workshop making model airplanes

Plus our members use their skills for other deserving causes in the Bay area. Below shows members making gates for the Janet Pomeroy Center.

Western Red Cedar gates

Alaskan Yellow Cedar gates